Eternal Sunshine Photography

About Us

“Eternal sunshine” is a metaphor for ongoing peace,
happiness and carefree.

We are Allie & Brendin we are two crazy, creative, passionate people who fell in love! We both have so much love for photography, it is something we enjoy doing together! It not only lets us express our creative energy but also brings us closer together as a couple. Our goal is to one day specialize in wedding photography.


I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 5 years old.  Not only am I a photographer but I am fully trained in hair and makeup as well. I have a thirst for anything that allows me to explore my creative side. My goal is to make everyone feel as beautiful as they truly are! I am the lead photographer of Etenal Sunshine and specialize in boudoir portraits.


I went to Grant MacEwan for Design specializing in film. I have been developing my skills for several years focusing my attention on portrait photography. I am the second photographer for weddings and events. As well as do the video editing on any video work we do.